The Augmented Emotion Recognition App

aër is a lifestyle application that can recognise emotions using bio sensors on a wrist worn wearable and smartphone to determine the physiological state of an individual accurately and passively. It uses this data, in the context of physical activity, situations, proximity to people, voice analysis, GPS positioning and digital activities to create a real time mirror of one’s inner emotional self.

Do you feel me?

aër recommends its users to take positive decisions in their real & digitial lives. aër promotes sharing between individuals, understanding one’s inner emotional self and gain insights into patterns and situations so that people can live authentic lives.

Wear your heart on a sleeve

The tech is here.

ë for emotion

A variety of data that your body gives off can accurately be used determine metrics of emotionality.

  1. EDA Sensor / Galvanic measures: Changes in certain electrical properties of the skin
  2. PPG sensor: Measures Blood Volume Pulse (BVP), heart rate variability
  3. Infrared Thermopile: Reads peripheral skin temperature
  4. and, accelerometers / activity tracking etc.

empatica feels good

CE-medical certified in the EU, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and research institutions are using the E4 in trials for collecting physiological data relevant to drug, healthcare, device, and algorithm development.

The E4 is a medical-grade wearable device that offers real-time physiological data acquisition, enabling researchers to conduct in-depth analysis and visualization.

Empatica’s websiteMore research here.

Mirror Mirror, on the wall.

Tell me what my feelings look like

aër focuses on creating attractive visuals for the human instead of difficult and complicated graphs.

The platform presents your emotions in beautiful shapes, colours and movements, by assigning each variable a visualization key.

Be there for those that matter

Share and receive emotions across the earth in real time. We all know what makes the world go round, and its not gravity.

Luke, Don’t Give In To Hate. That Leads To The Dark Side.  

Simply by being aware of an emotion, we change our experience of it. aër can proactively keep track of the spikes and give you the tools to be in charge.

regulate, don’t repress.

aër reports can pack a punch, it calls out patterns you didn’t realize

You can’t control your emotions with a dial,
but you can affect them as much as they affect you.

This is a Masters Visual and Experience Design project by a group of three designers. My fellow designers are Elisa Roldán and Amrita Dutt.

What if there was more to life than just feeling a feeling?

Take a trip with me into some of the amazing things that this technology could do and how it can impact your digital and real lifestyle in ways that were not thought possible before.

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