Ruben Babu is an experienced digital product designer with a decade of expertise in Digital Transformation, Product Design & User Experience, delivering end-to-end design for digital products. He specialises in leading multi-disciplinary designers and establishing best UX practices within organisations.

Analysing the online and offline user behaviour, understanding the user-base and the businesses, segmenting the users by age, line of work, gender, demographics, stages of life and many such aspects are key measurable indicators to make design decisions for him.

He loves making experiences feel seamless across devices and touch points between platforms with effective communication. He invests time in telling beautiful stories and crafting delightful experiences for users through simple and usable products.

He has always built upon his passion for design skills like, User research and analysis, Information Architecture, Writing UX Microcopy, Interface design, Composition and Systems design. He conducts user research to make personas and maps, build a design system in advance, which enables super fast prototyping later on. This informs the making of visuals with pixel perfect screens to create stories that people can relate to, gain insight from and take productive actions by.

He is also a writer for The UX Collective, where he documents his experiences to share his work with others in the field.

UX / Berlin. London. Bangalore. Barsoom.